Friday, 5 September 2014

All that glitters is GOLD!

Yet again it's been a while since I posted but I really wanted to tell you about todays bargain find!

Boyes is a shop I really like to visit every now and then, not only do you find real bargains, but you often find things you would never expect. Say hello to my new Chubby glitter stick!

Colour:  Go for gold

I love anything which sparkles so I was attracted to this immediately! Not only is it glittery it smells delicious too! An for 99p it really is impossible to go wrong.

Of course, when I got home I did a little detective work and discovered this was a true bargain indeed. I found some on eBay with a starting price of £3.99 upwards and on other websites they are selling for anything up to £10. These chubby sticks are compact enough to pop in your bag and are great for festivals, fancy dress, parties or those times when you just need a bit of glitter in your life.

The shimmer effect is gorgeous, and you can layer it depending on the intensity of glitter you require and you can you this pretty much anywhere.

My local Boyes only had the gold in stock but I shall be keeping my eye out for the other colours available:

Stage Silver
Hottest Pink
Turquoise Blue