Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Natural Enlightenment

I am a natural blonde but with every year I get older it seems to get a little darker. I really don't want to dye my hair but like to keep it looking bright and shiny.
My hair always goes 2-3 shades lighter when I spend time in the sun, especially with a little help from some natural lemon juice.
Lemon juice alone can be really drying for the hair so I decided to make up my own little conditioning concoction when I was on holiday recently and it worked really well. If you fancy trying it this is what you will need.

1 spray bottle:

Lemon juice:

Chamomile tea bags:

Light conditioner:

Intensive conditioner:

Here's how I made mine:

Before you leave squirt a good measure of the light conditioner into the spray bottle (I used Timotei fresh and strong) you can use any conditioner you like but I'd suggest something light in texture so it doesn't weight the hair down. I added the conditioner to the bottle before packing it to save me taking a full heavy bottle.
When you get to the hotel add a good squirt of lemon juice to the bottle, I took a bottle of jiff natural lemon juice with me and used this to begin with and added some natural lemon juice to it throughout the week. I think fresh lemon juice is best but you can't always get it and it can be very messy.
Next, boil the kettle and make a large, strong brew of chamomile tea. Leave the teabags in until the water is cool then add this to the spray bottle.
Give the mixture a really good shake (it may take some time for the ingredients to gel together).
Take the bottle out into the sunshine and let it warm through a little, then spray evenly into the hair and comb through. Let the hair dry in the sunshine and keep adding more when required.

I wouldn't recommend doing this every day as it can be quite drying to the hair, every other day or once every three will still give the lightening effect.

Make sure you pack a couple of sachets of intensive conditioner to use during your trip, I used John Frieda sheer blond and it left my hair so soft and shiny.

My hair is now looking very 'sun kissed' and I am very happy with the results.