Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Savers :)

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who is now following me J and for all the great comments – keep ‘em coming!!

This blog is all about being thrifty and tonight I’ve got two amazing bargains to share with you J Firstly it’s these amazing red platform boots. As soon as I saw these I fell in love with them!!

I bought these beauties from Deichmann shoes in the Metro Centre, Gateshead.
I got them in a half price deal making them just £12.50!! They are the most beautiful shade of red and they are soooooo comfy!! Just looking at them makes me smile.  They add a vibrant pop of colour to any outfit and can be styled up or down. They are also available in blue (might even buy those too!!)
Sticking with the red theme I thought I’d tell you about this amazing ruby red lipstick.

 I picked this up while doing some grocery shopping in Aldi. It’s a gorgeous shade of matt red.
The lipstick goes on really nicely and lasts well, it has a very pleasant fragrance too.The packaging makes it look and feel much for expensive than it was. This is one luxurious lipstick, and all for the tiny sum of £1.99!!!! I will be checking out the other colours and products on my next visit.
I hope you all had a brilliant weekend :)