Friday, 28 March 2014

If you buy one album this year - make it this one!!!!!!

Today's blog is about a different kind of buy.........

I went to see Chantel McGregor at the Gala Theatre in county Durham last week and I was blown away! So much so I just had to share it with you!
Chantel has the kind of amazing raw talent that makes you wish the gig would never end, the hour and a half passed so quickly it was unbelievable. I didn't know much about Chantel before I went to this gig and now I only wish I'd found out about her sooner!

In a world where most well known guitarists seem to be male, I like Chantel even more because she's so girly and she plays the guitar barefoot wearing in amazing floaty dresses. Don't let the cover of the album and the sweet girly appearance fool you though - this girl is fierce!

At the end of the gig I purchased the album 'like no other' for £10.

The album consists of 12 songs. Nine of which are originals and three of which are covers.
The covers include Robin Trower's Daydream, Sonny Boy Williamson's Help Me and Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon. Five of the tracks are acoustic.

Chantel works with Robin Trower's bandmates Livingstone Brown on bass and keyboards, and Chris Taggart on drums.
The album is just under 64 minutes long and leaves you wanting more, Chantel has set a very high standard with this album. It will appeal to a very wide audience of all ages. It's very radio friendly and full of catchy, melodic hooks and choruses. There is something there for everyone to enjoy, and lots for most people to enjoy.

I love this album from start to finish and it has been on repeat in my car for a week now and I have no plans to remove it any time soon!

If you are not a huge blues/rock fan then listen to track 1 'fabulous' I think this song strikes a chord with all of us girls who like a good night out on the town, it's the perfect 'getting ready' song. Even my friends who only like 'pop' music have bought the album based only on hearing this song. I think this song could do amazingly well in the charts!

The best £10 I've spent in a long while!!

For more info on Chantel visit her website  or her Facebook page and there is a fabulous biography here.

Go buy this album now - you won't regret it!! And please let me know what you thought??