Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tenerife Tales

Well, I am back refreshed and slightly golden after a week in Playas de las Americas with the boy.
We had the most amazing time, the weather was amazing and it was so good to feel the sun on our skin. The week was spent walking, swimming, eating, drinking and partying - truly amazing.

Here is a bargain holiday outfit I really want to share with you; there was a print midi dress I wanted so badly from Lipsy which had sold out, the only one I could find anywhere was on eBay and it had 'defects' (meaning a large ladder in the material below the bum area!) I wanted it so much I decided to buy it anyway and see what could be done. I took the dress to Goldstitch in a little village near to where I live and asked what could be done, a week later I collected my new mini dress and a boob tube too! The total cost (£6 for the dress, £15 for the alterations) was still way less than the initial selling price and I now have two individual pieces to sport!

The original dress:

My 'new' dress:

My 'new' top:

So now it's back to reality (and bargain hunting) with a bump for me!
On that note, I popped into Matalan during my lunch break today and got the most amazing pair of bargain heels, I will post about them asap watch this space :)