Monday, 18 March 2013

Yes to......Tomatoes!!

At 29 years old I still have ‘problem’ skin........

Like many of you, I’ve tried all kinds to help, from natural remedies to creams and gels from the doctor.
As a lot of my skin troubles are hormonal, I’ve been taking Boots own brand Evening Primrose Oil since December 2012 and I have to say it’s really starting to make a difference now.
It is something which you have to persevere with as it doesn’t work overnight, but the results are worth it! I like Boots version as they are suitable for vegetarians and are well priced J


As a busy girl, I’m guilty of not spending enough time on my skincare regime so I’m all for products that save time!!
I was in my local Boyes store a few weeks ago and this funky facial wash caught my eye. At £1.49 I thought it was worth a try! I was so impressed that I’ve since been back and bought another 4 tubes!


I had a quick ‘Google’ to find out a bit more about these products and discovered that this was certainly a bargain!! It’s looks like they’ve had a re-brand of the packaging, which must be why Boyes have this in stock.
The wash smells lovely and is free from parabens, petroleum and SLS. After using it my skin felt super clean and fresh but not dry at all.

 I love these kind of bargain Finds! Have a good Monday and keep smiling J