Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Things that make you go MMMMMMM!

Hello and Happy Wednesday! It’s the Peak of the week again!
This week is positively flying by!

I’ve just heard a rumour that Starbuck’s are opening a drive through within a mile of where I work :0

While on the one hand this is great news , on the other hand it isn’t………

I LOVE latte’s from Starbucks, I manage to limit myself to one every couple of weeks but if it’s on the doorstep, and I can get one without even stepping out of my car… that might be a different story!!

I like nothing more than going into Starbucks on a Saturday afternoon, by myself, with my favourite magazine and whiling away an hour with a latte. Of course, you can’t just have coffee in its own, it has to be accompanied by something sweet, and that’s where the Skinny Lemon and Poppy seed muffin comes in!!! These are my absolute favourite treat from Starbucks, and because they are lighter and better for me than a regular muffin I don’t feel so guilty!


 So, bring on the new Starbucks – let’s hope the rumours are true!!!

I’d love to know what your favourite ‘me time’ treats are??

Until next time, take care and be happy!