Tuesday, 12 March 2013

When a red nose is cute!

Happy Tuesday!!

This week has got off to a very busy start. I am trying to raise some money for Comic Relief this week so asked my Mam, who is the best cook I know to rustle me up a few cakes for work.

I know Red nose day is officially the 15th March but the earlier I start, the more money I can collect!

I am collecting donations for each cake and I will also make a personal contribution online. I am now trying to come up with some other simple fundraising ideas that I can try between now and Friday!

 I couldn’t decide which Red nose to buy, so decided to buy them all!! I also got myself a pin badge and some fun stickers!

You can see here all the fabulous work that happens as a result of your fundraising.
So this week, try and do a little something for Red Nose day if you can J