Monday, 11 February 2013

Everyone loves a freebie!!

I don't know anyone who doesn't love getting something for nothing. I subscribe to Zest magazine and noticed in the March issue there was an offer for free 'ohso' chocolate bars I love chocolate but I am also pretty health conscious so a chocolate bar which could be good for me certainly piqued my interest!!
The offer stated the first 1000 readers to fill out the form and send it off would receive 7 bars.
I decided it was worth the cost of a stamp and sent away the form. I am very sceptical about these 'offers' as in my experience it's very rare you receive anything. I love getting nice post when I come home from work so I was very excited today to find I had a little box waiting on the doormat! It was my free ohso chocolate!!
I will try my first ohso chocolate bar tomorrow and let you know how it was.....