Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday Blues.......

Hello and Happy Monday.

I hope you are all well today, if you are anything like me, it always takes a while to shake off the Monday blues. I always try to be positive and think of the reasons why Mondays are good.

So, today I’ve decided to post about something non fashion/bargain related!

As I said previously, we are about three quarters of the way through renovation our lovely home. We bought the house in September 2012 and decided it would be a good idea (well it seemed like it at the time!) to gut the whole place and start again whilst living in it :0
We now have two rooms left to complete, the dining room and the kitchen which isn’t bad going in five months! We still have lots of little jobs to do, even in the rooms that are complete, such as accessories, photos etc. I then want to start with creating  a lovely outdoor space, so lots to do!

One of the first rooms to be finished was the bathroom, so I thought I’d share this with you today.

This is how the bathroom looked when we first moved in:

We decided to knock through and make it one big room, this is how it looks now:

The final touch to the room will be some blinds. The windows aren’t standard sizes so I need to make an appointment with  local blind company to see what they can do!

We are so pleased with how the bathroom had turned out, we tried our best to do things on a budget but we also wanted quality. I think there’s  a nice mix of the two in this space.

As you would expect from me there are some real bargains in here! I won’t list every last thing but if there is anything you want to know, please just ask…….

The wall art is from via a company called JP Wall art UK. It was only £12.99 and looks fabulous (I think!) they have many other styles and colours.
The towels, bath mat, bin/sink accessories and bathrobe hanger are from Asda living where everything is reasonably priced and usually pretty good quality too.

I picked up the towel holder in Sainsbury’s in the January sales for £10! I think it give the bathroom a real ‘hotel’ feel. They increasingly have a lovely selection of home wares available.

The small plant and the ‘Bath’ sign on the shelf were real steals from B&M Bargains, both £1.99 each! They look a lot more expensive than they were!

I buy a lot of candles and similar accessories from Wilkinson’s, I think there ranges are amazing, gorgeous and affordable!

Finally, the gorgeous flooring, which I absolutely love, is from B&Q


Until next time, stay safe and happy and enjoy the rest of your Monday :)