Wednesday, 27 February 2013



And happy Wednesday!! Its officially the peak of the week!! Were officially on the way to the weekend!!

Recently I decided I fancied trying out a new style of glasses, I tend to always go for the same style and shape. I really wanted to get what I would call ‘geek’ glasses but I convinced myself before even trying them on that they wouldn’t suit me…..

Whilst Phil and I having a weekend away a little while ago we went into a glasses shop and I tried a few pairs on….. they didn’t look as bad as I’d thought. Phil even said they looked really good.

Still with price tags of £100+ I didn’t want to take the plunge then and there in case I changed my mind. Then I remembered a website I’d got some very reasonably priced glasses from in the past called goggles4u.

So, I decided to have a look, and to my delight found a pair which were exactly what I was looking for, in the correct measurements for £9.95!!! So I ordered them and they arrived a few days ago. When I first tried them on, as I suspected would happen, as wasn’t too sure. I think this was just because the shape and size were so different. Everyone who I asked said they looked good. I decided to wear them on a night out.

He is a pic of the me in the glasses.



So, I think I will be buying some glasses form goggles4u again very soon – total bargain!!!!