Tuesday, 12 February 2013



I promised I'd let you know what I thought of my 'ohso' chocolate freebie.

I had my first bar today, and I  have to say I was very impressed. I was a little sceptical that it wouldn’t taste too good, what with all of the promises of ‘healthy’ chocolate.

The bars promise to contain 53% cocoa along with friendly bacteria and are wheat and gluten free.

I was sent the chocolate orange variety, as I love orange chocolate this made me very happy. I had the bar at morning break with my cup of green tea. Looking at the bar I have to say first impressions were that it was tiny!

In actual fact it was just the right amount. The chocolate is very rich so the portion size is just enough, good things so sometimes come in small packages J

All this at on 72 calories a bar, I think I will be ordering some more of these little lovelies!!

As I mentioned in my profile, I love a bargain. I got the most amazing fashion bargain at the weekend which I will share with you tomorrow………