Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Say hello to Betty & Freda :)

Hello and Happy Tuesday !! J

Today’s blog is not about a fashion bargain, but something more lovely than clothes that I was lucky enough to get for free……

As a born animal lover, it’s a been while due to various circumstances, since I had any pets.

I rescued two guinea pigs in the past, Hamlet & Othello, and loved them dearly. So, when Phil’s sister told me she knew of two piggy’s in need of a home, I didn’t hesitate.

So, I collected Betty & Freda on Saturday and I am happy to say after what must have been a terrifying start for them, they are gradually starting to settle in J


They were living outside L I have now brought them indoors and they seem much happier already. Today I bought a MASSIVE cage on eBay! Not really sure where it’s going to go yet, or even if it will go in my car, but I want my girls to have a palace J

I will keep you updated on their progress.

Keep reading and commenting J