Friday, 22 February 2013

TFI Friday!! :)


One of my friends is hosting an AMAZING cocktail party tonight. I can’t wait for the chance to catch up with all the girls and let my hair down.

Today got off to a very bad start (don’t ask!) so I am looking forward to tonight even more now!!

I’ve made some lovely Jelly Tots Vodka Jelly. I love Jelly Tots and love vodka jellies, so for me a perfect ‘adult’ mix up of my favourite childhood sweets!

Next onto the outfit…. I have been debating what to wear all week but I think I have settled on this gorgeous animal print midi peplum dress from ASOS.

As you would expect from me, this dress was a real steal in the sale it just £11.99!!
Not sure what to team it with yet??? Any suggestions?