Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Refresh. Recharge. Revive…… well, if you insist!

Today’s bargain does not come in the form of fashion (we all have to have a few days away from the shops at some point!!)

I popped into Heron Foods the other day for a few bits and bobs for the freezer.

As I spend so much time in the gym, I  have become a bit of an energy drink nut! It’s always good to find a drink that rehydrates you and gives you a kick without all the calories.

It’s even better when you manage to get a pack of twelve 380ml bottles for £2!!!
The drink in question is Lucozade revive Lemongrass & Ginger flavour, which contains a mix of B Vitamins to fight tiredness and give an energy release.

I first tried Lucozade revive some time ago and loved it instantly, you can also get two other flavours, Orange with Acai and Cranberry with Acai.

These sell for £2.09 per bottle in my local shop so to get them for less than 17p a bottle is a real thrifty find!!!  I bought 3 cases and I am going to pop back for more!

I’m hoping I find the other flavours at this price too!

Keep smiling J